Order guide

How to use the new resbites order website.

Hi, this is Jamie from the resbites team, here to explain how to use our new ordering system. We have been having lots of problems processing all of your orders when placed through google forms, so we’re trying out our own way of doing things – this will almost certainly be buggy in the first few weeks so please bear with us and send any bugs to jamie@resurrectedbites.co.uk.

1. Navigate to our website by clicking the Order Form button on our homepage.

2. Register for an account by clicking on the button in the top right hand corner. All you need is a username, password (be sure to write these down!), phone number and address.

3. Wait for your account to be verified by our team. This will take much longer if you haven’t spoken to Michelle over the phone beforehand. Michelle is available 9-5, Monday to Friday [07434636485]. If you text Michelle, be sure to include your name / username in the text.

4. Navigate to the order page by refreshing.

5. Fill in your order, making sure to select the day you were allocated over the phone (it will remind you at the top of the page) and press submit. You should see a confirmation.

6. That’s it!

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